All in purpose

3 Unconventional Ways to Set Our Kids Up For Success

The standardized scale of success these days leaves little room for interpretation. We're judging our kids based on developmental and academic standards that are one-size-fits-some and so while the top kiddos end up touting accolades and praise, the "lagging" majority end up feeling less than stellar and carrying around an I-must-not-be-smart-enough suitcase of crap that's not theirs to carry. 

What Happens When You Stop Caring About Being Judged

For starters, you're free. You have--literally-- zero f*cks left to give and you feel lighter than you ever have in your life. You take a deep breath and all you allow in is joy, love, and peace. And it's all for you, mama. Then you exhale and you drop all the garbage that doesn't serve you. You stop living up to other people's {unrealisitc} standards and you realize that when people judge you, it's actually coming from their unresolved pain, trauma, and limiting beliefs that they haven’t come to terms with.

5 Things We Can Learn From a Toddler

As a new mama, I almost immediately found solace in the fact that parenting is basically teaching. As someone with a background in education, I thought,  "I can do this, it's what I do". I have to admit that was definitely my ego talking because most days--especially the days when I think I have this whole parenting thing figured out--I get unexpectedly get jolted into "Where the hell is the parachute?" and "When's this gonna get easier?"