What Happens When You Stop Caring About Being Judged

For starters, you're free. You have--literally-- zero f*cks left to give and you feel lighter than you ever have in your life. You take a deep breath and all you allow in is joy, love, and peace. And it's all for you, mama*. Then you exhale and you drop all the garbage that doesn't serve you. You stop living up to other people's {unrealisitc} standards and you realize that when people judge you, it's actually coming from their unresolved pain, trauma, and limiting beliefs.

Let me say that again because it's the most powerful thing you may ever learn. When people are judging what you do, who you are, how you look, and {insert any other B.S. here} it's because they have an issue with what they do, who they are, and how they look. 

How much freer would you feel if you went through your days dropping the judgments before you even get a chance to get acquainted with them? And, my beautiful people, this works the other way around.

Next time you catch yourself silently {our loudly} judging anything: Stop. Take note. And look inside, Babe because that shit's just waiting to be dug up and released so you can be free, too. 

Here's to being us--all of us--no matter what other people have to say about it. 



*disclaimer: you do not have to have birthed a baby to be a mama, mama!