The One Word You Need to Stop Using Now (+ The One to Use Instead)

Alright, there are a lot of words we could all stop using (especially if your toddler has started using the word "shit" in the correct context--whoops) but the one that comes up a lot for us multipassionate-mamas*-on-a-mission is. . . .Goal. If you're anything like me, the word goal kinda makes you cringe. Also, if you're a soul-driven hustler like me you're probably wondering how the frick you're ever going to get anything done if you don't have goals-- it's cool, I gotcha. Let me break it down for ya'. . .

A goal implies that we have a destination where once we arrive, all will be right in the world and we will be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. It connotates absolutely nothing about the journey, the growth, and the process of achieving said goal. It just says, "See that thing way in the distance? The one you have no idea how the hell you're going to get to? Yeah, that one. Get there by any means possible and if you don't, you suck." Goals focus solely on attainment. Pretty lousy, huh? Yeah, I think so too. 

Enter: Intention. Ahhhh, isn't it Zen-AF music to your ears? When we create intention around something we want, it embodies the process of getting to where we want to go. When we declare to the universe an intention of something we desire, we are saying that we are doubling down. All in. Not just for what we will get out of the deal. We are devoting ourselves to practice something and inviting something new into our lives. 

I didn't set a goal of starting a blog. I love to write. I am a writer and so my intention is to write. Voila, a blog is born!  When we work with intention, there's room for passion, creativity and even f*ck ups along the way. It's a gray area where there's really no finish line in view and that's ok. 

Here's to living with intention, beauties. Grab my Purpose Planner to jumpstart a biz, lifestyle, or career you L.O.V.E.



*disclaimer: you do not have to have birthed a baby to be a mama, mama!