What Happens When We "Monday" On Purpose

What if Monday was a verb instead of something that we idly let happen to us? What if we decide that we are going to Monday like we mean it instead of just going through the motions?

A theme that comes up a lot for me is living on purpose. When we live with purpose, life suddenly becomes less about what's happening to us and more about how we can actually make the subtle but dramatic shifts we need to create lives we love. 

It's about choosing how we want to feel and aligning our actions with that. How do you want to feel today (and every day)?  If you're anything like me, you definitely want to feel happy and loving--two words that come up for me a lot. After significant practice, I know the things I need to do in a day for me to feel the way I want to feel. 

And it doesn't matter what your words are. Maybe you want to feel healthy, beautiful, abundant, confident, smart, successful? Whatever words come up for you, define some actions you can take to generate those feelings. For me, a non-negotiable is moving my body. I don't care if it's walking alongside my daughter while she slowly rides her bike or running like I'm being chased--I know if I move my body I'm going to feel good. 

When we align our actions with our desire to feel a certain way, we are declaring to the universe what we want. When we declare it, we get more of it. Happiness, abundance, health--you name it. 

Here's to Mondaying it hard today and feeling the way we want to feel. 






Ryann Watkin