What No One Tells You About Motherhood with Dr. Alexandra Sacks

Today on The Mamaste Podcast we chat all things “matrescence” with Dr. Alexandra Sacks, co-author of What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions From Pregnancy to Motherhood. Dr. Sacks is a Reproductive Psychiatrist affiliated with the Women’s Program at Columbia University and is well-known for popularizing the term “matrescence” in her powerful TED talk.

So what is matrescence anyway? It’s the transition to motherhood that encompasses mind, body, and hormones. Becoming a mother is joyous but it can also be hard. Then there’s everything in between—that’s where we find matrescence, an identity shift and growth that organically happens when a woman has a child.

We also get the inside scoop on what to expect from her new book, What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions From Pregnancy to Motherhood and Dr. Sacks gives us an invaluable action step we can all take to make sure we’re fitting in our self-care and that it remains at the top of our list of priorities:

Make a list of the essential things that make you feel good in your daily routine and in your relationship. Essentially, the things that make you feel like you. Post it somewhere visible and let it serve as a reminder of what you need fill your own cup.

In her New York Times article, The Birth of a Mother, Dr. Sacks gives us a realistic look of what becoming a mom is actually like and the disparity of how women anticipate motherhood and the newfound identity it’s sure to bring.

As we know, it seems like everything changes the instant we birth our babies and accepting the brand new embodiment of motherhood is proven to be no easy task. It’s emotional physical, hormonal, and spiritual work but if we surround ourselves with a nurturing community and educate ourselves on the realities of becoming mothers, we can create a transition—a matrescence period—that supports our tremendous growth as mothers.


The Birth of A Mother

What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

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Quotable Moments:

“You don’t always like the work of motherhood. Loving your child and liking the work of motherhood are two separate things.”

“Matrescence is a whole 360 degree identity transition.”

“In many ways for me, matrescence is a platform for me to talk about the human psychological experience which gives people a chance to talk about what that’s like for them.” 

“When a baby is born, so is a mother, each unsteady in their own way. Matrescence is profound but it’s also hard, and that’s what makes it human.” (Ted Talk)

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