Community Building Through Education

This week on the Mamaste Podcast we got to chat with superstar community builder, teacher mama, and totally down to earth doctoral student, Sam Gati-Tisi. She shares her inspiration for becoming a teacher and talks about what keeps her going every day in the midst of challenges.

Sam believes a strong educational foundation starts with community and strives to show her students that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Her kick-ass teaching style kinda makes us want to go back to 6th grade because she’s seriously that passionate.

Sam’s foundation, admittedly, came from her strong family bond and in particular from her mom’s wisdom-led parenting style. “She encouraged us to solve our own problems and spread our own wings.” She likens her mom’s philosophy to the quote: “What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

We dove into so many inspiring topics in this one, the importance of self-care for teachers (and mothers!), being one of our favorite!

Quotable Moments

“Use what you have, start where you are.”

“We have courageous discussions”

“You can’t get passionate about reading, or science, or math without feeling like you’re a part of a community”

“Your whole life is only about building relationships. For kids in school that’s the best lesson they could ever learn.”

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