Welcome to the Moms in Business Collective

Because motherhood and business take a village 

My business coach assigned me a simple task: find a networking group and attend an event. Simple, right? Yeah, I thought so too. 

I wanted to find a group of fierce, conscious women—business owners who knew the challenges I was facing— both as a mom and someone growing a business. 

But after conferring Google, I was shocked there was not one networking group for mama-business-owners in South Florida. 

As a Stay-at-Home-Mamapreneur, I frequently miss educational seminars, networking events, and business development opportunities because of the obvious limitations of my schedule. Bringing two toddlers to a business event is frowned upon, right?


I was faced with a choice and in that moment I knew I had to do it. Not for me. For the countless other moms who I knew were surely in my same position. I intuitively knew I couldn't be the only one.

Voila, The Moms in Business Collective was born!

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Motherhood and business ownership are two of the most beautiful and daunting opportunities for growth we can face as women. 

The Moms in Business Collective is a tribe of women with the shared goal of building businesses we're head-over-heels about while positively impacting our families, communities, and the world. 

Imagine a space where women get together and: 

Share ideas.

Overcome Struggles.

Celebrate Wins.

Support each other's goals.

Promote businesses that do good.

And everything in between. . .

With their babies and kiddos in tow. . .

Together, we are creating a new model for success in which we grow our businesses and our families side-by-side. Because motherhood and business take a village.
— Ryann Watkin
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